Brawler of the Month July: Ash Lee Juggz

Meet Bay State Brawler of the Month for July: Ash Lee Juggz!!!

Tell us about your Derby name and number

My Roller Derby name, Ash Lee Juggz, came to me from one of my favorite actresses Ashley Judd. I like the number 25, that is my age for life, but that number was taken. Then I thought of 34DD which is perfect for my derby name

How long have you been skating?

I spent a year with BSB as a non-skating official and was able to join in on some of the practices. Then, I decided to try it, and now I have been playing Roller Derby for 7 years!

How did you discover Roller Derby?

I stumbled across Roller Derby one night at Roll On (where BSB practices) while skating with my son and his boy scout troop.

What do you enjoy most about Roller Derby?

The best thing about Roller Derby is all the amazing people you meet and friends you make. I love all of the women I skate with!

What is your favorite derby moment?

Winning the 2016 Coastal Chaos Tournament was a pretty great moment. But, my favorite moments are our team camping trips and outings.

Come meet Juggz and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers at our next doubleheader on Saturday, July 8th at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg!  Doors open at 4:30p.m., first whistle at 5:00p.m.. Hope to see you there!!!

Photo by Heather Baczewski