Brawler of the Month- October, Shar’n Da Hurt!

Shar'n Da Hurt

Congratulations to our October Brawler of the Month- Shar’n daHurt! Read more about Shar’n below.

What’s your derby name and number, and why?
Shar’n daHurt.
I chose the name because I needed something with my “real” name in it so I knew it was me they were yelling at. The number signifies the radio station 88.9 WERS. On Saturday evening, they play old school music that I used to listen to while skating at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro as a teenager.

How long have you been playing?
I began “Fresh Meat” in November 2011. I’ve loved every minute!

What’s been your favorite part so far since joining the sport?
I’m very competitive (duh!), but my favorite part is when we get to laugh at each other and when we joke around. We play hard and can be very intense, but there are moments where we just look at each other and giggle and break out in the hysterical laughter – knowing we just made a fool of ourselves (tripping during intros?, making a path for the other jammer to go through?). Those are the times where our deep friendships really shine.

Any pre-game ritual?
I’m a busy mom of three boys who works full-time during the week. My pre-game ritual involves loads and loads of laundry before leaving for the game.

What’s your advice to anyone who’s interested in playing?
To do it! No matter your skill level, we have a place for you! We have a fantastic training program and will show you everything you need! Hope to see you there!

Shar’n is a fixture and a favorite at Bay State, and we’re lucky to have her! Come watch Shar’n and The Punishers take on Green Mountain Roller Derby on October 21st! Details here.