Brawler of the Month – Burstin’ Bubbles

Burstin' Bubbles

We were so busy with snow removal this winter that we seem to have fallen behind in announcing our Brawlers of the Month!

Now that we’ve finished shoveling and are enjoying some sunshine, want to introduce you to Burstin’ Bubbles (Bubbs for short) who was our Brawler of the Month for January.

So, without further ado, what is your derby name/number, and why?

Burstin Bubbles #15 to honor a couple of my heroes. Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls and Dustin Pedroia (#15 on the Red Sox.)

How long have you been playing?

Just over five years.

What is your pregame ritual?

I have a giant breakfast, wash the stink from my gear, and get to the venue early to skate and calm my nerves

How is your on-track personality different from your off-track personality?

I’m loud on the track, very quiet off the track… and then loud and obnoxious again at the after party.

She’s a brawler of few words – we dig that. And what Bubbs calls “loud and obnoxious” we just call “winning the after party.” You can watch Bubbs and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers in action at our home opener on June 9th, at Fitchburg State’s Wallace Civic Center. Better yet, you can “be like Bubbs” by joining our next new recruit class, starting May 2nd! See you there!

Be on the lookout for more Brawlers of the Month as we catch up from the winter and gear up for derby season!

Photo by: Joshua Martin