Brawler of the Month – Glutenless Maximum

As we get caught up from the winter, it’s time to introduce you to our “February” Brawler of the Month! Congratulations to #24, Glutenless Maximus.

Max, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

What is your derby name, number, and why?

Glutenless Maximus, number 24. I chose my name because I like butts and I can’t eat gluten. I chose my number because my birthday is on the 24th and it’s a nice, even number.

How long have you been playing?

A little over a year and a half.

How did you discover Roller Derby?

I moved to Massachusetts alone and had no friends or hobbies. I thought roller derby would be a fun way to meet people and exercise. I looked for teams around me, and Bay State seemed like a great fit. Now I have a lot of friends and a hobby that takes up all of my free time. 100% worth it!

What is one specific Roller Derby goal that you have?

Confidence! Roller derby is tough and it’s easy to be too hard on yourself. I want to be more confident and focus more on future successes, not past mistakes.

Max is right! Who needs free time when you have Roller Derby? We are so glad she’s decided to give up all of her free time for us – we can think of no better way to spend our time either. Why not come meet Max in person at our upcoming home opener, on June 9th, at the Fitchburg State Wallace Civic Center.

OR if you would like to follow in Max’s footsteps, come meet people, get a great workout, gain confidence, and find your inner toughness, why not join our next new recruit class, starting May 2nd! Check ’em both out in our Events.