Brawler of the Month- Chick Fury

We know we said we’d be announcing our March Brawler of the Month on Friday, but this weather already has us in the weekend state of mind!

So “TGI Thursday,” and allow us to introduce Chick Fury!

So, Fury, what is your full derby name, number, and why?

Chick Fury 773 – I’m a huge fan of Sam Jackson, who played Director Nick Fury in the Avengers, and 773 is the area code for my hometown Chicago.

How long have you been playing Roller Derby?

Funny story: Started as a new skater in August 2013. Did not pass my first derby assessment. Broke my ankle DURING my reassessment. Recovered and passed my assessment. Broke the other ankle during practice. Soooo, I didn’t actually play my first game until July 2015, at RollerCon.

How has Roller Derby changed you as a person?

See answer above. I’m closer to God.

Who is your Roller Derby idol?

I couldn’t do this without Bill, my biggest fan and long-suffering spouse. He’s my derby idol.

Her derby idol is her husband (and #1 fan!) ❤😭😭😭❤ We can’t EVEN.

One thing’s for sure… we love her Furiously (see what we just did there?!) and we are so incredibly lucky to have her and Bill as a part of our Bay State Brawlers family. If you’re up for a road trip this weekend, come check out Fury and the rest of the Punishers, up in Rockport Maine at Coastal Chaos!

Otherwise, come check us out at our home opener, June 9th at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg!

PHOTO BY: Joshua Martin