Brawler of the Month: Translucid

Translucid, #80

It’s that time again! We fell a little behind because we have been so wrapped up in the excitement of our home season, but we are excited to announce our next Brawler of the Month!
Join us in congratulating Translucid!

We were especially happy to crown her BotM this month, because, ::sob:: Saturday the 11th will be her very last home game as a Bay State Punisher.

Ok, while we go regain our composure, keep reading to learn a little more about Luci!


What is your derby name, number, and why?:

Translucid # 80. I’ve always been very pale and well, kind of translucent. That didn’t really work so well for a name so I decided to use the French version, translucide, taking into consideration my French heritage. I quickly dropped the “e” after my name was mispronounced too many times. But, everyone mostly calls me Luci.

My number is kind of nostalgic to my childhood. Back to when I was playing Little League and Youth Soccer all the way up till Varsity, I was #8. When I joined there was already a #8 in our league so I couldn’t pick that number. I was kind of bummed out but I just added a zero on the end and became #80. My boyfriend will tell you it’s because of his initials, A.D.; it’s not.

How long have you been playing?:

7 Years! I started playing in June, 2011 with the former league Central Mass Roller Derby. I’m proud to say I’m one of the founding members of Bay State Brawlers and helped to create our league logo and identity.

How has derby changed you as a person?:

Derby has introduced me to a whole group of amazing women and helped me form some lifelong friendships with individuals who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s helped me become less introverted and more apt to just go out and do things without finding a reason not to first. It’s helped me to travel to so many beautiful places I otherwise wouldn’t have ventured to. And most importantly, it got me roller skating again for the first time since I was like 10 years old. Even after this season is over and I’m retired, I’ll still have a pair of roller skates strapped to my feet as often as possible. You’ll most likely find me at a local skate park ripping it up and occasionally dropping in on a Bay State practice.

What is your advice to anyone interested in playing?:

Don’t hesitate to join! Don’t make excuses like, I don’t know how to skate or I’m too small, like I sort of did. You’ll be taught by some great skaters who were there with the wobbly legs at some point too. Take it from the smallest blocker on the Punishers. You can do this and you will move, stop and knock down some tough opponents who will be taken off guard by your size and you’ll amaze yourself with what you can do.


::sniffle:: Oh man. All the feels! But we know this is not goodbye, it is just see you later. All of us with the Bay State Brawlers are so thankful for the time Luci has put into our league, as a skater, as a member of the HR committee, as the Chair for the Art committee, and as one of our fabulous training team.

Join us in sending her off in style, by cheering for her and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers, on August 11th at the Fitchburg State Wallace Civic Center. Doors open at 4:30pm, and the first whistle is at 5:15.