The Brawlin' Broads

Brawlin' Broads 2017

Photo by Doug Levy

The Brawlin’ Broads are Bay State’s regionally competitive B-level training team. Coached by Smash Melo and managed by CRUSHSTACEAN, the Broads are working to build upon their winning 2016 record with increasingly challenging bout opponents in 2017.

With a large crop of new skaters joining the team this year, fans can expect to see development over the season as the Broads learn and adapt to one another’s playing styles and become a formidable force. For recent scores and games updates, click here, or view the full schedule here. Interested in bouting against the Brawlin’ Broads? Email for more information.

Headshots by Doug Levy, Heather Baczewski, and Grace McCurn

Up and Coming All-Stars (Level 1 and 2 Skaters)