Officials and Staff

Bay State couldn’t host a single game without our illustrious Officials Crew! Lead by Head Official Kait, our officials crew is growing in size each season. New officials undergo training with Skating Officials Trainer, Wife-O, until they meet her high standards.  Many Bay State skaters, in various levels of our skaters’ training program, also serve as non-skating officials at our games and scrimmages, to reinforce their command of the current WFTDA rules set. Come to a home game and you’ll see them focusing hard and trying not to chuckle along with our fabulous announcer, Oso, and his many derby puns! (See what we did, there?)

With an aim of becoming one of the most well-respected crews in the region, in 2017 our officials

will focus on growing in size and in experience, as they engage with other local leagues and become more immersed in the regional roller derby community. If you’d like to referee, NSO, or volunteer with Bay State’s game production, please don’t be shy! Our officials crew is always on the hunt for more members.


Photos by Doug Levy, Heather Baczewski,  and Grace McCurn