Punishers overcome Rock Coast at the Battle of Bunker Hill

The Punishers defeated the Rock Coast Rollers at the Batter of Bunker Hill in a potential Coastal Chaos tournament preview match up!

Massachusetts Maelstrom Roller Derby invited the Bay State Brawlers’ Punishers and the Rock Coast Rollers of Maine to their annual Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) tournament, The Battle of Bunker Hill, for an sanctioned Saturday night exhibition game on May 13th.

The evenly ranked and evenly matched Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) teams scored alternating leads almost jam-for-jam all through the nail-biter of a first half, which ended with the Punishers ahead, 62-61. In the second half, Bay State’s visibly calmer play allowed their walls to set the pace for Rock Coast’s jammers, who suffered a number of back-to-back penalties in an effort to regain momentum. Rock Coast didn’t give up as the Punishers capitalized upon their power jams and pulled ahead with a strong lead, though, giving tournament spectators a great fight to the finish. The Punishers took the game, 182 to 130.

It was all smiles on the sidelines and in the penalty box, as skaters from the two teams traded jokes, life updates, and travel plans: The Punishers will visit Rock Coast in early June to defend their championship title in the latter team’s Coastal Chaos tournament.

Photos by Sean Hale