Punishers celebrate climb in world rankings

We at Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our league this year!

Our Charter Team, The Punishers, took on some fierce competitors this year, bouting against teams from all over the New England area, Canada, and even Sweden. They completed their 2017 season ranked 148 out of 339 world-wide WFTDA teams,  climbing 9 spots since the last rankings calculation and announcement, and two spots over their position at the end last year.

The Punishers remain the second-most highly-ranked team in Massachusetts. Only Boston Roller Derby, which rounded out the world’s top 30 teams this year, lead them.

Congratulations to The Punishers, (and Punishers fans!) on another great season.

For more information and complete rankings visit: https://wftda.com/category/rankings/.