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Translucid, #80

Brawler of the Month: Translucid

It’s that time again! We fell a little behind because we have been so wrapped up in the excitement of our home season, but we are excited to announce our next Brawler of the Month!
Join us in congratulating Translucid!

We were especially happy to crown her BotM this month, because, ::sob:: Saturday the 11th will be her very last home game as a Bay State Punisher.

Ok, while we go regain our composure, keep reading to learn a little more about Luci!


What is your derby name, number, and why?:

Translucid # 80. I’ve always been very pale and well, kind of translucent. That didn’t really work so well for a name so I decided to use the French version, translucide, taking into consideration my French heritage. I quickly dropped the “e” after my name was mispronounced too many times. But, everyone mostly calls me Luci.

My number is kind of nostalgic to my childhood. Back to when I was playing Little League and Youth Soccer all the way up till Varsity, I was #8. When I joined there was already a #8 in our league so I couldn’t pick that number. I was kind of bummed out but I just added a zero on the end and became #80. My boyfriend will tell you it’s because of his initials, A.D.; it’s not.

How long have you been playing?:

7 Years! I started playing in June, 2011 with the former league Central Mass Roller Derby. I’m proud to say I’m one of the founding members of Bay State Brawlers and helped to create our league logo and identity.

How has derby changed you as a person?:

Derby has introduced me to a whole group of amazing women and helped me form some lifelong friendships with individuals who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s helped me become less introverted and more apt to just go out and do things without finding a reason not to first. It’s helped me to travel to so many beautiful places I otherwise wouldn’t have ventured to. And most importantly, it got me roller skating again for the first time since I was like 10 years old. Even after this season is over and I’m retired, I’ll still have a pair of roller skates strapped to my feet as often as possible. You’ll most likely find me at a local skate park ripping it up and occasionally dropping in on a Bay State practice.

What is your advice to anyone interested in playing?:

Don’t hesitate to join! Don’t make excuses like, I don’t know how to skate or I’m too small, like I sort of did. You’ll be taught by some great skaters who were there with the wobbly legs at some point too. Take it from the smallest blocker on the Punishers. You can do this and you will move, stop and knock down some tough opponents who will be taken off guard by your size and you’ll amaze yourself with what you can do.


::sniffle:: Oh man. All the feels! But we know this is not goodbye, it is just see you later. All of us with the Bay State Brawlers are so thankful for the time Luci has put into our league, as a skater, as a member of the HR committee, as the Chair for the Art committee, and as one of our fabulous training team.

Join us in sending her off in style, by cheering for her and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers, on August 11th at the Fitchburg State Wallace Civic Center. Doors open at 4:30pm, and the first whistle is at 5:15.

Brawler of The Month: Wreck and Roll

It’s been a little while, but it’s always a good time to celebrate a teammate! We are so excited to announce our most recent Brawler of the Month (voted on back in May!) Wreck & Roll!

Wreck, tell us a little about yourself:
What is your derby name, number, and why?

My derby name is Wreck & Roll. It’s an old family name that was passed down to me. My derby number is 896.

How long have you been playing?

I started as a new skater in September 2016 and haven’t stopped since.

What was your favorite derby moment?

It’s hard to choose just one so I’m going to be obnoxious and pick two. The first one was playing in the All Eight on the Floor tournament with the Brawlin’ Broads last July and the second was playing in Coastal Chaos this past April with the Punishers. During each tournament I got to watch my teammates be total badasses and push themselves to new levels for the sake of the team. I left both of those weekends with an insane sense of pride and honor to be a part of the Bay State Brawlers.

Tell us one random “fun fact” about yourself.

I have none. I was taught to hate fun #longlivecrush

Wreck’s favorite derby moments happen to be a couple of ours as well! We always have fun watching her WRECK the competition. (See what we did there?!) And speaking of fun… none for Wreck just means more for us!

So come have fun with us and watch Wreck and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers skate in the BSB home closer on August 11th at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg MA.

Brawler of the Month- Chick Fury

We know we said we’d be announcing our March Brawler of the Month on Friday, but this weather already has us in the weekend state of mind!

So “TGI Thursday,” and allow us to introduce Chick Fury!

So, Fury, what is your full derby name, number, and why?

Chick Fury 773 – I’m a huge fan of Sam Jackson, who played Director Nick Fury in the Avengers, and 773 is the area code for my hometown Chicago.

How long have you been playing Roller Derby?

Funny story: Started as a new skater in August 2013. Did not pass my first derby assessment. Broke my ankle DURING my reassessment. Recovered and passed my assessment. Broke the other ankle during practice. Soooo, I didn’t actually play my first game until July 2015, at RollerCon.

How has Roller Derby changed you as a person?

See answer above. I’m closer to God.

Who is your Roller Derby idol?

I couldn’t do this without Bill, my biggest fan and long-suffering spouse. He’s my derby idol.

Her derby idol is her husband (and #1 fan!) ❤😭😭😭❤ We can’t EVEN.

One thing’s for sure… we love her Furiously (see what we just did there?!) and we are so incredibly lucky to have her and Bill as a part of our Bay State Brawlers family. If you’re up for a road trip this weekend, come check out Fury and the rest of the Punishers, up in Rockport Maine at Coastal Chaos!

Otherwise, come check us out at our home opener, June 9th at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg!

PHOTO BY: Joshua Martin

Stellarsaurus Wrecks, #324

Stellasaurus Wrecks #324This week, Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby lost a treasured member of our community when Andrew Newton, known to us as Stellarsaurus Wrecks, passed away unexpectedly.

Andie’s love for skating was visible to anyone who saw him circle the track during a free skate – headphones in his ears – bopping to the beat.

He was incredibly encouraging of his league mates, very often taking extra time to meet newer skaters for a skate date, or spending a day making signs for another skater, just because. Andie and his infectious enthusiasm for derby were fixtures at Bay State games and events throughout the past few years. He was the ultimate fan, with a voice that could be heard- loud and proud- above the din, cheering for his friends (never jeering!).

We will miss him.

It is hard to talk about depression and suicide, but it is necessary. No one understood that like our friend, who was open and transparent about his struggle. It shakes us that much more then, perhaps, that his struggle would end this way.

The stigma of mental illness is real and challenging. As a result, depression can be infinitely deep and terribly isolating.

Andie believed, “We are each of us angels, with only one wing, and can only fly when we embrace one another.” Heeding his advice, we are reaching out to embrace one another, and encourage you to do the same. Andie’s number, 324, will be officially retired with our league in our dear friend’s memory.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
Suicide Prevention Resources:

At the request of his family, donations to honor him may be made to To Write Love on Her Arms.

Brawler of the Month – Glutenless Maximum

As we get caught up from the winter, it’s time to introduce you to our “February” Brawler of the Month! Congratulations to #24, Glutenless Maximus.

Max, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

What is your derby name, number, and why?

Glutenless Maximus, number 24. I chose my name because I like butts and I can’t eat gluten. I chose my number because my birthday is on the 24th and it’s a nice, even number.

How long have you been playing?

A little over a year and a half.

How did you discover Roller Derby?

I moved to Massachusetts alone and had no friends or hobbies. I thought roller derby would be a fun way to meet people and exercise. I looked for teams around me, and Bay State seemed like a great fit. Now I have a lot of friends and a hobby that takes up all of my free time. 100% worth it!

What is one specific Roller Derby goal that you have?

Confidence! Roller derby is tough and it’s easy to be too hard on yourself. I want to be more confident and focus more on future successes, not past mistakes.

Max is right! Who needs free time when you have Roller Derby? We are so glad she’s decided to give up all of her free time for us – we can think of no better way to spend our time either. Why not come meet Max in person at our upcoming home opener, on June 9th, at the Fitchburg State Wallace Civic Center.

OR if you would like to follow in Max’s footsteps, come meet people, get a great workout, gain confidence, and find your inner toughness, why not join our next new recruit class, starting May 2nd! Check ’em both out in our Events.

Brawlers celebrate season with end-of-year party and awards ceremony

Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby celebrated the end of the 2017 season with a league party and awards ceremony.

Each skater was given a superlative (we’d share them with you, but not all are family-friendly!) and six skaters were awarded bejeweled wheels for their achievement this season, as voted on by their peers.

Congratulations to everyone on a tremendous year together!

Most Valuable Jammer, Punishers, 2017: AshLee JuggZ
Most Valuable Blocker, Punishers, 2017: Shar’n Da Hurt

Most Valuable Jammer, Brawlin’ Broads, 2017: Wreck and Roll
Most Valuable Blocker, Brawlin’ Broads, 2017: MuthaTrucka

Most Improved Skater 2017: Blu Wail
Bay State Spirit Award 2017: Maulie Walnuts

Burstin' Bubbles

Brawler of the Month – Burstin’ Bubbles

We were so busy with snow removal this winter that we seem to have fallen behind in announcing our Brawlers of the Month!

Now that we’ve finished shoveling and are enjoying some sunshine, want to introduce you to Burstin’ Bubbles (Bubbs for short) who was our Brawler of the Month for January.

So, without further ado, what is your derby name/number, and why?

Burstin Bubbles #15 to honor a couple of my heroes. Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls and Dustin Pedroia (#15 on the Red Sox.)

How long have you been playing?

Just over five years.

What is your pregame ritual?

I have a giant breakfast, wash the stink from my gear, and get to the venue early to skate and calm my nerves

How is your on-track personality different from your off-track personality?

I’m loud on the track, very quiet off the track… and then loud and obnoxious again at the after party.

She’s a brawler of few words – we dig that. And what Bubbs calls “loud and obnoxious” we just call “winning the after party.” You can watch Bubbs and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers in action at our home opener on June 9th, at Fitchburg State’s Wallace Civic Center. Better yet, you can “be like Bubbs” by joining our next new recruit class, starting May 2nd! See you there!

Be on the lookout for more Brawlers of the Month as we catch up from the winter and gear up for derby season!

Photo by: Joshua Martin

Shar'n Da Hurt

Brawler of the Month- October, Shar’n Da Hurt!

Congratulations to our October Brawler of the Month- Shar’n daHurt! Read more about Shar’n below.

What’s your derby name and number, and why?
Shar’n daHurt.
I chose the name because I needed something with my “real” name in it so I knew it was me they were yelling at. The number signifies the radio station 88.9 WERS. On Saturday evening, they play old school music that I used to listen to while skating at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro as a teenager.

How long have you been playing?
I began “Fresh Meat” in November 2011. I’ve loved every minute!

What’s been your favorite part so far since joining the sport?
I’m very competitive (duh!), but my favorite part is when we get to laugh at each other and when we joke around. We play hard and can be very intense, but there are moments where we just look at each other and giggle and break out in the hysterical laughter – knowing we just made a fool of ourselves (tripping during intros?, making a path for the other jammer to go through?). Those are the times where our deep friendships really shine.

Any pre-game ritual?
I’m a busy mom of three boys who works full-time during the week. My pre-game ritual involves loads and loads of laundry before leaving for the game.

What’s your advice to anyone who’s interested in playing?
To do it! No matter your skill level, we have a place for you! We have a fantastic training program and will show you everything you need! Hope to see you there!

Shar’n is a fixture and a favorite at Bay State, and we’re lucky to have her! Come watch Shar’n and The Punishers take on Green Mountain Roller Derby on October 21st! Details here.

Brawler of the Month August: CRUSHSTACEAN

Happy August!!! The Brawler of the Month is CRUSHSTACEN

Take a few minutes to read up below and get to know this sassy lady!

1. Name and number?


2. Do you have a pre-game ritual?

Lady Gaga, Red Bull, and at least one Peanut Butter sandwich. 

3. Who are your Roller Derby heroes? 

My teammates. No seriously, I’m marrying one of them. They’re the best.

4. What advice do you have for people who want to play Roller Derby? 

Hey, good timing. I heard there might be a few spots opening up on the Punishers roster. 

5. Wait… Crush, what did you do with the rest of my questions? 

Sorry bae #crushout

Come check out Crush’s last game of her derby career and our last home bout of the 2017 season on August 12th at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg!!

Brawler of the Month July: Ash Lee Juggz

Meet Bay State Brawler of the Month for July: Ash Lee Juggz!!!

Tell us about your Derby name and number

My Roller Derby name, Ash Lee Juggz, came to me from one of my favorite actresses Ashley Judd. I like the number 25, that is my age for life, but that number was taken. Then I thought of 34DD which is perfect for my derby name

How long have you been skating?

I spent a year with BSB as a non-skating official and was able to join in on some of the practices. Then, I decided to try it, and now I have been playing Roller Derby for 7 years!

How did you discover Roller Derby?

I stumbled across Roller Derby one night at Roll On (where BSB practices) while skating with my son and his boy scout troop.

What do you enjoy most about Roller Derby?

The best thing about Roller Derby is all the amazing people you meet and friends you make. I love all of the women I skate with!

What is your favorite derby moment?

Winning the 2016 Coastal Chaos Tournament was a pretty great moment. But, my favorite moments are our team camping trips and outings.

Come meet Juggz and the rest of the Bay State Brawlers at our next doubleheader on Saturday, July 8th at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg!  Doors open at 4:30p.m., first whistle at 5:00p.m.. Hope to see you there!!!

Photo by Heather Baczewski